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In the past decade, we have always attached great importance to the input of product R&D and the improvement of R&D comprehensive strength. It has effectively integrated R&D talents, technology, information, capital, mechanism and other elements into a whole, forming a innovative, sophisticated, high-effective and sustainable R&D system. Starry Pharma R&D Center now has an independent science and technology building of 3,523 square meters and two re-production workshops comprising of five core departments, namely, the Medical Chemical Department, Medicine Distribution Department, pharmaceutical laws and regulations Department, Science and Technology Project Department and Application Technology Department. It has also set up 14 research groups of Iohexol, Iopamidol, Ioversol and others with official approval. The R&D Center is equipped with analyzing R&D devices valuing as high as more than 25 million yuan. Among them there are over 30 different sets of liquid chromatographs, such as LC-MS (TOF), LC-MS (QTOF) and preparative liquid chromatograph, and eight gas chromatographs, including FID, TCD and ECD. It has also carried out close exchange and cooperation with such national famous academies as China Medical University in Beijing, Shanghai Drug Institution of Chinese Academy of Science, Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Zhejiang University and Xiamen University and established a R&D laboratory of innovative drugs.

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