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Founded with the innovative concept of “Being the one and only producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients that substitute imported ones, replace old ones and can fill the domestic blanks in Xianju“, Starry Pharma always commits itself to providing high-quality and safe products that can meet patients’ demands.
In the past decade, Starry Pharma has always attached great importance to the input of product R&D and the construction of R&D team. It has effectively integrated R&D talents, technologies, information, capital, mechanism and other elements into a whole, forming an innovative, sophisticated, high-effective and sustainable R&D system.
“Protect human health with medical technologies” is and will always be Starry Pharma’s tenet. It inspires our R&D team to take “helping people with precise diagnosis and cure diseases, bringing a healthy and good life for them” as mission, and provides a technical support for realizing the prospect that “Starry Pharma will become the second largest pharmaceutical enterprise in China as far as overall strength concerned, and become a Chinese leading and famous enterprise in the field of X-CT NICM pharmacodiagnosis”.


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