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Our social responsibilities:

Improve working environment and salary level continuously to give employees a sense of dignity;

Repay the society constantly to build an excellent social image for the enterprise;

Create high-quality products and promote the harmonious relations of the enterprise with the government and customers;

Focus on the environmental protection to achieve a sustainable development.


Specific Contents:

※Deepen the harmonious labor relations.
※Implement the system of labor contract, collective consultation on wages and social security.
※Make the employees work in a decent working environment.
※Expand development access, establish a rights protection mechanism, strengthen skill training and improve wages and welfare.
※Guarantee a safe operation.
※Pay great attention to the input and improvement of devices, strengthen daily operation and supervision, provide lobar protection instruments and ensure a safe working environment.
※Lay stress on the coordinated development of environment.
※Enhance efforts on energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, develop the circular economy and achieve a sustainable development.
※Repay the society, create more jobs, participate in programs for public good and develop a harmonious neighboring relation.
※Stick to honest management and win-win development.
※Create high-quality products, meet the customers’ needs, ensure customers’ reputation and benefit, insist on fair trade and honest management, improve corporation governance and create reasonable return for the shareholders.

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